About Us

Who we are

Gram Vikas a registered Trust that provide free education and skill training.

We are working in mostly in rural areas.

Gram vikas (Trust) operation training centers for education and development .

Gram vikash (Trust) Working For Education,Water and women empower.

We are Helping Hands

We want make tomorrow batter.

Our Mission

To Provide Education, Training and Employment to everyone. To provide employment opportunities for rural educated, unemployed youth. To Provide Clean Water to Drink for everyone.

Our Vision

Makes a better tomorrow.

Our History

Our Training Centers for training and employment was already running .

Ready to became a volunteer?

It simply is not possible to attain the Sustainable Development Goals without a wide range of people engaged at all stages, at all levels, at all times. volunteerism is a powerful means for bringing more people into the fold. volunteerism is already expanding the space in which we achieve the future we want. .







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