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Training Empowerment Program is a training program to help individuals achieve empowered existence through the discovery of their true potential and powers hidden in the mind, body and soul.
Thanks to gram vikas trust, people have received great help in overcoming physical diseases, emotional issues and financial worries by using the techniques of subconscious mind. SEP leads to an increase in the spiritual, social, educational, or economic strength of individuals. Itís also about letting go, and eliminating whatís making you unhappy. The program helps you increase the number of things you believe will make you happy. To do that, you have to get rid of the false, negative and outdated beliefs that hold you in bondage to the past and prevent you from living an authentic life in the present.

Growing unemployment in India is becoming a matter of serious concern, especially in the youth. The latest figures released by the Central Government say that about 11 percent of the country's population, that is, 12 crore people are looking for jobs.

How-Most youths in semi-developed areas are unemployed.

In the non-government companies, there is a demand for employees in the field of construction & Manufacturing.

What we want do ?

contacting job provides, job-agency's  and create report's what skills are required.

Identify the qualifications of the employee and what kind of skills will be required.

Surveying unemployed persons in the populated areas and preparing their reports their qualification, skills, will power etc.

After provide training and placement

The per trainee cost for Training And Placement  is Rs 10,000/-, amount use in :

 1. Candidate Mobilization & Screening Cost: Rs 2000/-

 2. Training Rollout Cost (Materials, venue, trainers): Rs 4000/-

 3. Board & Lodge Charges: Rs 1500/-

 4. Assessment & Certification Cost: Rs 500/-

 5. Placement & Tracking Cost: Rs 2000/-

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